Leadership Certificate Program

十大最大的网络彩票平台 is taking the lead once again, becoming the first all-girls' school to launch a Leadership Certificate Program.

Inaugurated in the 2018-19 school year under the Patricia J. Mitchell '65 Leadership Institute, the Leadership Certificate Program provides students with specialized, in-depth leadership training and experiences that will further distinguish them throughout their educational, professional and personal endeavors. In addition to receiving a commemorative certificate of achievement, students who participate in this Upper School program will graduate from 十大最大的网络彩票平台 having completed a specific course track, at least 25 leadership service hours, and a capstone independent study, which draws heavily from original research and a comprehensive leadership interview.

There are two course tracks that satisfy the requirements for the Leadership Certificate. When applying for admission to the program, a student specifies which of the two course tracks she would like to pursue:

Leadership Certificate

Leadership Certificate Scholars will take four courses; two leadership courses and two Leadership Certificate electives.

STEAM Leadership Certificate

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Leadership Scholars will take five courses; two leadership courses and three STEAM Leadership Electives in two disciplines (eg. in science and math; technology and math; science and technology).

All students in the Leadership Certificate program – in both tracks – undertake a semester-long Capstone project, which is an independent, intensive study of a leadership topic selected by the student. As part of the Capstone project, each student conducts her own primary research culminating in a 30-minute presentation on her findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Students in the Leadership Certificate track may select any topic related to leadership. Students in the STEAM Leadership Certificate track select a topic related to STEAM and leadership.

Pathway to Completing the Leadership Certificate Program

Freshmen Year

  • Students begin accruing Leadership Service Hours
  • Second semester: Freshmen apply for admittance to program

Sophomore Year

  • Students eligible to take leadership electives
  • Students continue to accrue leadership service hours

Junior Year

  • Complete Foundations of Leadership course (in 1st or 2nd semester)
  • One leadership elective (recommended)
  • Leadership service hours

Senior Year

  • Complete Capstone Independent Study (in 1st or 2nd semester)
  • One - two leadership electives
  • Leadership service hours (must have at least 25 hours)
  • Final interview